Our technical approaches on wastewater and water source engineering attest to friendly environmental  demonstrations. We focus on developing solutions that bear the acceptable low costs on both planned and unplanned communities and settlements in Tanzania.


  • Sewerage and Wastewater Treatment
  • Water Supply & Treatment
  • Sanitation
  • Wastewater Laboratory Analysis
  • Fecal Sludge Management (FSM)

BIO- WASTE MANAGEMENT                         (BIO-WAMA)

BIOWAMA is an engineering approach to designing and implementing mechanisms that focus on wastewater treatment, its stabilization, and dewatering. The resultants which are methane gas, treated water, and sludge, each has a  separate domestic usage.

Ours is a technical approach to decentralized wastewater treatment in Tanzania communities. Our passive design uses physical and biological treatment mechanisms such as sedimentation, floatation, aerobic and anaerobic process to treat both domestic and industrial wastewater sources.


  • Reaching out and Consultation
  • Site visit and Need Analysis.
  • Draft proposal and pre-design schematics.
  • A computerized full design printout.
  • Undertake construction work under full supervision of an engineer.
  • Test the system to assess its effectiveness!
  • Provide operation and maintenance training
  • Provide support and maintenance during implementation phase.


BIOWAMA is designed to be affordable, low maintenance, use local materials, and meet environmental laws and regulations. 


Harvested biogas can be used for 

     1.Heating uses such as Cooking in the kitchen.

    2.Electricity uses such as Lighting bulbs etc.

   1. Watering the Garden.    

   2. Subsurface irrigation for plants angiosperms (Plants which produce fruits in their shoots)    

   3. Flushing in the toilets.

1. It is light and easy to dispose of. since it has been dewatered and stabilized.

2. Used as fertilizer for the garden. 

3. Disposal at a landfill site 

4. Produce briquet/charcoal used as fuel.



1. Eliminating expenses related to disposing of wastewater by trucks. 

2. Minimize electricity lighting expenses.

3. Minimize heating/cooking gas expenses.

4. Subsidize portable water charges.

 1. Eliminate the struggle to dispose of wastewater by means of hiring wastewater trucks/vehicles.

 2. Easy for disposal in an open environment, since the waste products have been well stabilized(harmless), 

          they are light, odorless, reduced in volume to manageable quantities.

 3. Treated water can be redirected for Unmanned watering plants/gardens and flushing toilets treated water.

      1.   Sludge as organic fertilizer adds nutrients to the soil.

       2. Sludge for landfill purposes prevents erosion, filling potholes.



Our team is comprised of professional and experienced engineers, environmental and social experts who in their professional life have carried out likewise projects of Bio waste  management in and outside Tanzania at communal and domestic level, in both planned and unplanned settlements. 


Have a proven capacity towards Integrated environmental sanitation in Urban and Peri-urban areas and exhibit a vast practical experience and skills in detailed engineering designs, drafting on AutoCAD, construction, Projects Planning and Management particularly for Decentralized Waste-water Treatment systems-DEWATS, Faecal sludge management (FSM), and solid-waste management (SWM).

environmental experts

Have a demonstrated experince and capacity towards Integrated environmental sanitation in Urban and Peri-urban areas for Decentralized Waste-water Treatment systems- DEWATS, Fecal sludge management (FSM), and solid-waste management (SWM).

Occupation Health and safety


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