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We are consultants. Our mission is to support our clients make informed decisions as they conduct business in this ever challenging and increasingly competitive business environment.

Talented Consultants

Our Agency is staffed with experienced, motivated and talented individuals, they come from various walks of life. They are professionals and technicians. These are Civil Engineers, Software developers and experts, Accountants, Auditors ,Tax experts, environmentalist champions and marketing geniuses. 

We realize that in the process of executing business, our clients are faced with endless options, and they are required to make few choices, and sometimes one choice out of all options.

We also realize that at times our clients are unable to make best choices due to limited availability of options.

Sometimes there are no options at all, and businesses are left to operate in a manner that is less effectual.

Now Razaq Innovations as a multi sector-consulting group. We support our clients make those informed business decisions and find best choices when there are no options available. With this mission our clients are assured to execute business activities activities in an effective projectile. We provide our service in various industries and sometimes in cross sector: ICT software and hardware, Solutions for institutional Bio and Waste water management solutions, Finance consultancy, investment advisory, Civil & institutional construction projects, environmentally sustainable projects, civil commodities Supply.

Razaq MATERIAL supply profile.

Grow your business by using emerging technologies to deliver high-performing, reliable and feature reach solutions. 

Our vision lies in our approach of innovating technology and enriching it with a user-friendly experience. We are nourishing our skills with the adoption of emerging technologies, digital transformation and self-exploration by handling all kinds of operations cross borders all over the globe. 

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Working across multi-sector is exciting. At Razaq Innovations this is our daily reality, as we experience the phenomenon of cross industries.

Baraka I.M Project Lead

It is hard to comprehend that at Razaq Innovations, I learned two entire professions, and now I am a multi-profession individual.



At Razaq it looks like a fantasy turned  into  reality. All challenges, all solutions under one agency.